The Kaiser Foundation

Mental health and addictions are not moral issues.
They are public health issues. 

Mental health and addictions are complex issues, affecting all levels of society. The conservative estimated total annual expenditure on mental health and addictions exceeds $70 billion in Canada alone. Combined, they constitute the largest single cause of morbidity for ages 14 to 45.

To date, governments fund the vast majority of initiatives addressing mental health and addictions. Governments alone cannot solve these problems. The Private Sector needs to be actively aware of and involved in helping find solutions to these issues. Community-based programs do exemplary work but need more funding and too rarely have the opportunity to work with and learn from each other.

The Kaiser Mission

The Foundation’s mission lies in the dissemination and application of research, innovation and information of “best practices” with those individuals and groups working in the field, to improve the lives of those living with addictions and mental illness.